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Avian Veterinary Laboratory Melbourne
Avian Veterinary Laboratory
Avain blood Laed testing
Blood lead machine -at the Melbourne Bird Veterinary Facility – enabling a rapid diagnosis of blood lead.  1/20 of a ml of Avian blood is needed.

Avain Veterinary Lab Melbourne

Being able to get accurate diagnostic testing results in a timely fashion is fundamental in delivering quality health care. At Bird Vet Melbourne our in-house laboratory is well equipped and our staff well trained to carry out a range of testing relevant to birds and small animals. We routinely do staining and microscopic examination of cytological samples for abnormal cells and micro-organisms and faecal testing for worms, coccidia and other abnormalities. We do use an external laboratory for haematology, biochemistry and PCR tests to check for disease.

Veterinary Diagnostic Services Melbourne
Taking blood from a Parrot