What is an Avian Veterinarian?

Avian veterinarians are small animal practitioners that specialize in the veterinary care of birds.

Avian veterinarians are registered with the veterinary boards and  diagnose and treat veterinary conditions found in many species of birds.  From a hysterectomy in a 14 gram finch, to a sinus infection in a 20 kg Turkey.

The typical routine for an avian vet (in companion bird practice) includes performing basic Bird Vet exams, diagnosing pet bird  illnesses, drawing blood and interpreting the results as a bird vet , prescribing medications, giving dietary advice , treating broken bones, performing surgeries, and completing follow-up​ exams.  Specialist bird vets  use dental composites,  like human dentists do in repairing a tooth,  to repair bird beaks.

Avian Veterinarian Services

Chicken vets are bird vets working  with  back yard  poultry. THe cjcken vets aid in  small  flock health management. The chicken vet treats poultry disease in individual pet chickens and the poultry vet mainyainses backyard “chook” flock health – Choock vet !

It is common for avian veterinarians to work a five to six day week with additional “on call” emergency hours always a possibility – there is also a large welfare component for an avian veterinarian – as avian wildlife is presented by the public daily and after hours and there is a public expectation to treat wildlife for free – which bird Vet Melbourne Does..   . Chicken vets – also do welfare work to help save rescue chickens.

Career Options

Bird veterinarians focus on  companion bird practice (i.e. parrots and passarines), aviary birds , and  poultry vets.

Education – to be a Bird Vet

All avian veterinarians must graduate with a degree in Veterinary Medicine which is achieved after a comprehensive course of study on both small and large animal species. The to many hours of post graduation learning and exams to become a “bird Veterinarian” or “chicken vet”