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Dr Pat Macwhirter is the only registered avian specialist in Victoria, and one of only seven companion bird specialists in Australia. Drs Phil Sacks and Michelle Sutherland are also experienced avian vets. Both Drs Phil and Michelle have postgraduate qualifications in avian medicine, and Dr Michelle is studying to become a registered specialist in avian medicine and surgery.

We are a teaching hospital and an approved facility for training specialist avian veterinarians by the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists and the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners. Dr Pat and Dr Phil are Senior Academic Associates with the University of Melbourne and we regularly host local and international student veterinarians at our clinic.

Services we provide include: preventative health care and checks, primary and referral medical and surgical care for birds, a full complement of laboratory and diagnostic services, a fully equipped surgery and hospital support, behavioural management and advice, diagnostic imaging, beak claw and wing trimming, sexing, microchipping, premium bird foods and nutritional advice, flock health management and reproductive assessments.

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Our avian veterinary hospital was upgraded in 2014 especially for bird specialist veterinary training. Our bird vet hospital is equipped to provide a full range of bird veterinary services. Bird-vet-Melbourne offers a comprehensive bird veterinary and avian specialist veterinary care.
At the only specialist bird veterinary centre in Victoria, clients and their birds travel from all over Victoria for specialist bird vet treatments.  Most days at least two Avian veterinarians are available to  advise and treat avian companions. With prior arrangement birds can also be brought to us in  pet Taxis for veterinary examinations. The bird-vet  also posts out various avian products, and bird medications for treatments of bird patients under our case , that of our Melbourne based bird vet clinic.

Our Chicken Vets are seeing back yard Chickens every day.  Sick Chickens are a  common avian species we are seeing!

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