Bird Vet Melbourne

Melbourne Bird Vet

The Melbourne Bird Vet Hospital is centrally  located in Melbourne.  The specialist avian veterinary clinic is  operated by avian veterinarians.  The bird hospital has easy on site parking, including a disabled parking area.

The bird vet
Bird friendly Avian Nurse, gently comforting  a Sulphur-crested cockatoo, that is  bird vet Melbourne inpatient.

Especially relevant the fact that the bird clinic is specifically designed for the unique requirements of  pet birds. Most noteworthy are its’ purpose built  heated hospital cages for bird-vet in patients. Furthermore the cages are spread  over  five separate  bird hospital areas to keep the sick bird patients isolated.   Because  the bird vets and avian nurses are experienced with birds, “your pet is in good hands”. In addition  your pet will be in a bird friendly facility, possibly even being taken out of the cages for some human warmth and contact, and being cuddled as many pet birds are used to.

Each avian hospital cage is individually heated and most have   natural comfortable perches,  specifically chosed for the birds age and size. Especially relevant are the individualized   bird safe “toys” placed to reduce stress and improve bird  patient comfort. Melbourne Bird -vet encourages owners to leave the favorite toys with us.    Hospital cages can be used to nebulise medications for sick birds with avian respiratory diseases, and add humidified oxygen as needed for birds with severe respiratory disease.

Bird specialist vet hopsital
Bird-vet heated hospital cage – with a natural branch perch. 

Avian Specialist   Hospital


In conclusion  the entire specialist avian facility was designed by the only Melbourne Bird Specialist veterinarian,   Dr Pat.  The avian specialist ensured that there is a separate digital X-ray room, a separate heated avian surgery room.   The radio-surgical cautery unit is used for delicate avian surgery. etc

chicken vet - With Sunny post op
Chicken Vet with patient after reproductive tract surgery at the chicken vet
Chicken Vet Patients
Health checks at the Chicken vet