Bird Veterinary Emergency

Pet Bird Emergency - what to do
the avian emergency patient – The emergency bird patient is treated urgently. at Bird Vet Melbourne.

Emergency and Critical Care of Avian Patients

If you believe you may have an avian emergency in Melbourne please CALL (03) 9808 9011 Melbourne Bird Vet and speak with the Avian nurse on duty or listen to the recorded announcement. The recording will give you information about out of hours emergency care if the clinic is closed. Do not try to contact  the Bird-clinic via the   internet as emails are too slow.

What to do in a bird emergency ? Bring the emergency avian patient  to the Avian clinic  and  advise the Bird-clinic  that you believe you may have an emergency.

The emergency avian patient.

The avian nurse  will do a preliminary assessment and interrupt the Bird specialist vets  as a matter of urgency if it is considered a bird veterinary emergency.

The avian emergency is often treated at a bird vet as follows:

  1. The Critical bird patient birds are often placed in a heated  incubator
  2. Supplementary  oxygen is made available especially if there is respiratory distress.
  3. Fluid Therapy – like a drip – to maintain hydration and blood pressure
  4. Medications like Avian antibiotics and pain relief drugs.
  5. The emergency avian patient is allowed to stabilize in a quiet, dim area before further, testing and handling.
  6. THe bird  emergency may need surgery (e.g. to stop bleeding) or wounds or fractures may need urgent bandaging or splinting.

If you live at some distance from our clinic, please call your local vet for advice and instructions.  Your local vet is welcome to give our clinic a call if they require information the emergency care in birds.

Our normal clinic hours are 9 am- 6 30 pm Mondays to Thursdays, 9 am – 6 pm Fridays, 9 am to 12:30 pm on Saturday and 10 am -12 noon on Sundays.