Bird Vet Gallery

chicken veterinarain
Melbourne Chicken Vet : Sick Laying hens are well cared for at the poultry vet.  There are  outdoor enclosed chicken runs.   Notice Avian vet Nurse Priscilla keeping a watchful eye  on the chicken vet patients from a distance.

Melbourne Bird Vet  sees many interesting avian cases. Our Chicken vet services include School visits.  The Vets educate the students about Chicken Veterinary concerns and ensure heath of the backyard school hens. We also supply  poultry medication that is registered for egg laying birds – and there is no egg withholding time.

lead toxicity in a lorikeet - bird vet
Lorikeet at Melbourne Bird Veterinary hospital – how sad that people still shoot birds in nature for recreation purposes only.


chick leg fracture - bird vet
Chick leg fracture are common at our bird vet clinic – Chick leg malformations need to be treated by  avian vets as soon as possibly.  The chick leg Bone “bending” and fractures need to be addresses quickly as the chick grows rapidly and so do the bones and tendons.  This chick has both legs re broken and splinted in place by an Avian Veterinarian. The chick is in a makeshift”wheelchair” support.  After 9 days the bird has made a good recovery.
Ecclectus vet
Ecclectus parrot at the Avian veterinarain for Melbourne   with a plastic hook caught behind the tongue


Melbourne Bird Vet - bird body bandage
Avian Veterinary  Surgery  – This Galah body bandage was placed after surgery to protect the wound and prevent the bird pet from biting at the wound,  The Melbourne Bird Vet body bandage is really comfortable and most birds tolerate it really well.
Turkey vet - Vet for turkey
Turkey Veterinary therapy  – with a  turkey  sinus infection or chronic Turkey  respiratory disease.  This long standing turkey disease affects the sinus around the eyes and nose.  Under local anesthesia the sinus was opened and the materiel removed and flushed.  Antibiotics where placed onto the infected area.  Both nose drops and eye drops were used as they would reach the infected area.