Diagnostic imaging

Bird X-rays

Good quality radiographs (x-rays)  are often critical in reaching a diagnosis in avian patients, for example with bone fractures, cancers or female reproductive disease. Bird Vet Melbourne has digital X-ray equipment are able to take excellent  X-rays of birds of all sizes. All of the avian vets are well trained and have had years of experience in interpreting bird radiography and we can send  bird X-Rays to bird owners and  referring veterinarians electronically.

Dr Philip Sacks from Burwood Bird and Animal Hospital had to operate on a chook affectionately named ‘Cotton’ to remove several nails and screws it ate during its owner’s home renovations. Picture: Lawrence Pinder


Bird Vet Melbourne has an on-site x-ray machine and a digital radiographic machine  to produce high quality and high contrast Bird images for all forms of avian radiography.  This enhances diagnostic interpretation that is important in our smaller avian patients.

Bird radiology - Avian X-rays
Bird Radiology