Sexing - Bird Vet Melbourne

Sexing at Bird vet Melbourne. In most species of birds genders show obvious visual differences so there is no problem in knowing whether your bird is male or female (so-called dimorphic species) In other birds there may be not-so-obvious but still consistent differences between sexes so that your avian vet will be able to give you a reasonably reliable indication as to gender based on visual assessment and physical examination. In some cases it is not possible to assess gender on visual assessment alone.

If your bird is of a species where gender is not obvious, a blood sample may be taken for DNA testing to determine gender. Ask a staff member if you would like your bird DNA sexed.  In some cases, e.g. with breeding birds, your vet may suggest surgical sexing under anaesthesia using a rigid endoscope so that the reproductive tract may be assessed at the same time as determining sex.