Veterinary Science Students

Best Chicken Vet
Chicken Vet Surgery – removing egg yolk from the chicken uterus. The chicken Vet Surgical team, two Melbourne Uni Vet students, Two Avian vet nurses, Chicken surgeon Dr Phil, Visiting vet Dr Glen, and Bird Specialist Dr Pat Watching.
Melbourne Bird Veterinary Clinic
Avian Veterinary Students from Melbourne University , Faculty of Veterinary Science do bird Vet electives at Bird Vet Melbourne
Bird Vet Clinic Melbourne
Vet Behaviorist Dr Jackie spending time as a post Grad student at Bird Vet Melbourne – with Avian Specialist Dr Pat.










the Chicken vet
Sinus and Hock abscess in a turkey – With Melbourne Uni Vet Student Quincy and Avian Vet Dr Michelle And Bird vet Dr Esther
Veterinary Science Students
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