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Chicken Vet Melbourne

Bird Vet Melbourne has a team of Avian Vets and Avian Nurses to treat birds.   Dr Philip Sacks and Dr Esther Yuen are all experienced avian vets. All our vets have postgraduate qualifications in avian medicine, and Dr Michelle is currently studying to become a registered specialist in avian medicine and surgery.  Our Avian veterinary Nurses are trained in the requirements of the avian patients .

We are a teaching hospital and an approved Bird-Vet  facility for training  avian veterinarians by the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists and the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners.

Services we provide include: preventative health care and checks, primary and referral medical and surgical care for birds, a full complement of laboratory and diagnostic services, a fully equipped surgery and hospital support, behavioral management and advice, diagnostic imaging, beak claw and wing trimming, sexing, microchipping, premium bird foods and nutritional advice, flock health management and reproductive assessments.  Our bird Veterinary  hospital has purpose build bird hospital cages.  All sick birds are kept in individually heated hospital cages.  The Melbourne bird vet also has our door runs and an outdoor chicken area.

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At the  bird veterinary Hospital  in Victoria, clients and their birds travel from all over Victoria for expert  bird vet treatments.  We have been treating bird-vet patients for over 30 years.  Most days at least two Avian veterinarians are available to  advise and treat avian companions. With prior arrangement birds can also be brought to us in  pet Taxis for veterinary examinations. The bird-vet  also posts out various avian products, and bird medications for treatments of bird patients under our care , that of our Melbourne based bird vet clinic.  We also supply Chicken Medications appropriate for backyard laying birds.

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