Beak Trimming

Bird Vet – beak trimming
Parrot with an overgrown beak at Bird Vet Melbourne

Why is my birds beak overgrown ?

Overgrown beaks are often as a result of  of underlying  avian disease , with  poor diet (e.g. an all seed diet) or poor husbandry (e.g. inappropriate perches and toys ) contributing to the Over grown beak “syndrome”.  Your avian vet at Bird Vet Melbourne  will advise you during the consultation what conditions  may be contributing the  beak overgrowth.  The bird veterinarian will  often take diagnostic avian lab samples, and then do corrective beak repair .  The bird veterinarians may repair the beak with dental acrylics or composites, or trim the beak with  a combination of clippers, files and dremel.

Bird Wing Clip

Wing trimming is routinely done by our Avian vets.  Your avian vet can discuss the pros and cons of wing clipping with you. Wing clipping will depend on your bird flight ability and  individual circumstances.  Bird Veterinarian Dr Phil believes most birds benefit from an athletic or small wing trim. This enables the bird to utilize more energy when flying, and is beneficial for the pet bird.   Wing clipping is done, by the vets  during a routine bird-vet consultation.  PLEASE NOTE WE REGULARLY SEE INJURIES ASSOCIATED WITH POOR, INAPPROPRIATE  WING CLIPS.  Bird vets do not take wing clipping lightly as the birds often take a long time to regrow the clipped feathers.

Bird Nail Clip

The most common reason for overgrown nails are plastic swings that birds sleep on, or perches that are to narrow – especially the highest perch.  The avian veterinarians at Bird Vet Melbourne see birds presented for nail clipping almost every single day. The bird vets can clip the nails and buff them in a relatively relaxed  way.  Overgrown nails can get stuck on things such as clothes or toys in cage which can result in injury of the bird or a broken nail.  It is noteworthy that many pet owners have caused irreversible problems resulting in  pain and stress to their pets by clipping their own birds claws than are over grown.

Beak repair by Avian vet
Vet beak repair using dental composites by a veterinary dentist.
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