Bird Hospital

Specialist Avian Hospital Care Melbourne

Having a range of accommodation to suit the requirements of individual species and the nature of your bird’s illness is important in delivering excellent medical care for birds. Hospital care at Bird Vet Melbourne: critically ill bird patients are housed in individual, temperature-controlled incubators that can be connected with oxygen. Bonded birds who crave human contact are kept where staff frequently pass and are able to chat and interact with them. Nervous and wild birds are housed in a quieter part of the hospital to reduce stress.  A separate, quiet area is available for close monitoring of our post-operative patients. Owners are able to inspect our facilities or to visit their birds while they are in hospital, depending on individual circumstances, this is encouraged. Please call ahead to arrange a suitable time.

Although we are open 7 days a week, we are not a 24 hour bird emergency clinic.  If you would like your bird to be monitored 24/7 we can make arrangements to transfer your bird to one of the 24 hour clinics, or possibly get an avian nurse to work nights.

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