Our Facilities

We are also called Burwood Bird and Animal hospital and located east of Melbourne.  Our hospital has easy on site parking, including a disabled parking area.

Chicken Vet Melbourne
Our friendly Avian nurse gently comforting a Sulphur-crested cockatoo.

Our hospital is specifically designed for the unique requirements of pet birds. Most noteworthy are its’ purpose built heated hospital incubators for avian patients. Furthermore, the cages are spread over five separate hospital areas to keep the sick bird patients isolated. Because our staff are experienced with birds your pet is in good hands. In addition, your pet will be in a bird friendly facility, possibly even being taken out of the cages for some human warmth and contact, and being cuddled as many pet birds are used to.

Each avian hospital incubator is individually heated and most have natural comfortable perches,  chosen for their breed and size. They are also provided with bird safe “toys” for them to play with. We encourage owners to leave the favourite toys and food with us. Hospital cages can be used to nebulise medications for sick birds with avian respiratory diseases, and add humidified oxygen as needed for birds with severe respiratory disease. We also have separate rooms to take radiographs and perform surgery.



Bird Specialist Veterinary Hospital
An example of an incubator at Bird Vet Melbourne with one of our hospitalised patients



Chicken Veterinary Service Melbourne
The Chicken -Vet. Our patient recovering after surgery.

Chicken Vet

Chicken -vet patients are our most common bird patients.

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