How to stop my chicken laying

Stopping chickens laying eggs

At Melbourne chicken vet we recommend contraception in chickens, to stop chickens from ovulating and laying eggs  for a number of conditions including .

  1. Chicken vet reproductive tract disease
  2. Oviductal prolapse in chickens
  3. Cloacal prolapse in laying hens
  4. Uterine infections
  5. Soft shelled eggs
  6. Birds that need a reproductive break
  7. Egg yolk related peritonitis
  8. To give rescue chickens a break from laying
  9. After surgery
Best Chicken Vet
Chicken Vet Surgery – removing egg yolk from the chicken uterus.

At the poultry vet we find that a contraceptive injection is the most reliable way of stopping egg laying. The chicken contraceptive injection lasts about three months. A problem with chicken contraception is the high cost of the medication, which is about $150.

Chicken vets are unable to permanently sterilize chickens as the surgery is dangerous ( to remove the ovary) and extremely difficult.

At Melbourne chicken vet we perform hundreds of chicken contraception treatments  every year.


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