Clinic Founder - Dr. Pat Macwhirter

Clinic Founder/Specialist Avian Vet

Avian Specialist - Dr. Pat Macwhirter (No longer at Bird Vet Melbourne)

Pat Macwhirter was the founder of Burwood Bird and Animal Hospital (1982), but no longer works at the clinic.  She was the first chairperson of the Association of Avian Veterinarians in Australia (1989), the second registered bird specialist in Avian Medicine (1993) and has been frequently invited to lecture both in Australia and overseas. She is approved as a supervisor for veterinarians undertaking specialist avian veterinary training in Bird Medicine in North America and Australia and was excited about the bird clinic becoming the first in the world to have a residency program approved to train bird vet specialists in both areas.

Your bird was always in caring, competent, professional hands with Dr Pat, at Burwood.  Dr. Pat has been a pioneer in Bird Medicine and worked in the field for over 40 years. A graduate of Sydney University, University of Pennsylvania and Monash University, she has authored and co-authored numerous scientific articles, book chapters and conference papers and has received awards both in Australia and overseas for her work.

Dr. Pat designed Bird Vet Melbourne as a specialist avian vet clinic.  Her passion for birds created a legacy that is to be envied.  The whole team is proud to continue that passion on.  She has always been inspirational and we are still inspired by her even after she has moved on from the clinic.

Dr. Pat Macwhirter bird specialist

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