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Mel Vincent – Behaviourist & Practice Manager

Mel joined our clinic as practice manager in November 2020, but you may have seen her around for years prior to that as a consulting behaviorist.

Mel has a long history of working with birds and a strong passion for behaviour which dates back to when she was studying psychology at Melbourne University.

Mel has been involved in wildlife rescue since she was a small child.  This has lead to her studying animal and veterinary biosciences at La Trobe University.

Active in the dog training community, she had an expert skateboarding red heeler.  That was until he intentionally ran over the cat and she had to confiscate the skateboard!

Mel chose to behaviourally specialise in birds more than 15 years ago.  With clients across the globe, she is easily one of the most experienced and knowledgeable bird trainers out there.

Mel runs her own bird behavioural company Works For Birds and is well-known for her blogs and collaborative work with the international bird training company

Passionate about conditions such as feather plucking and separation anxiety, Mel has an ability to assist with even the most difficult psychological cases.

Mel is available on most days for behavioural consultations, both in person or online.  So if you need help with bird training or behavioural problems book a behavioural consult by calling the clinic on (03) 9808 9011 or book online.

Mel also runs parrot school, chicken school, bird harness training classes and other events at or with the clinic.  If you want to learn more about the services Mel offers, click here to go to the Works For Birds website.