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Wellness Bird Exams

Preventing health problems from arising is far more effective that treating advanced disease. During the last ten years, significant advances in the fields of avian health and welfare have been made, and it is well recognised that individual species of birds have unique nutrition and husbandry requirements. We encourage owners to read the information on this website regarding care and nutrition for individual species (see Bird Care) and to bring new birds to the clinic for a health check, especially before introducing them to any birds you may already have at home.

During a ‘Well Bird Check’ one of our avian vets will review the care and nutrition that you are providing for your bird and ensure that it is appropriate for the species and your individual bird. They will do a full physical examination and let you know if there are any abnormal findings and will advise what, if any, additional testing may be required. Recommended testing will vary depending on individual circumstances and could include e.g. testing faecal droppings for worms, coccidia or protozoa; blood testing for psittacosis (chlamydia) or beak and feather disease, or a full blood panel to check for internal disease. Training will also be reviewed and there may be a recommendation for a longer consultation with the vet.

To keep your feathered friends in top condition, we encourage regular (usually annual) health checks for birds to ensure any potential issues are identified as early as possible with the aim of preventing advanced disease.