Parrot Toys and Enrichment Melbourne

Parrot Enrichment Toys Melbourne

We at bird vet melbourne believe that providing enrichment for birds is essential in enhancing their quality of life.  Birds are intelligent and require a lot of mental stimulation, which can be provided with a variety of toys, playtime and training. Boredom can have a huge impact on the health and welfare of pet birds, and cause stress and frustration for both birds and their owners, particularly if pets are left alone for long periods. Our hospital stocks a variety of bird toys and other items that have been specifically selected to provide excellent toys and enrichment for birds of different species. Talk to any of our Avian Nurses or Bird vet staff members about which may be suitable for your bird and other ways of enriching your pet bird’s life.

Alternatively, you can check out Beaky box which is an annual subscription range of treats and toys for your bird that is delivered to you quarterly. They have toys suited for different sizes of birds and are safe and fun for them. For more information on this amazing product or to subscribe check out the Beaky Things facebook page or visit their website. 

Examples of Parrot Toys

Provide at least one toy from the following groups of toys

  1. Parrot toys that are noisemakers
  2. Puzzle parrot toys.
  3. Destructible bird toys
  4. Cuddly bird toys
  5. Food foraging activities – food bird toys.
  6. Bird Toys to preen – The bird vets use  preening to help with feather damaging behaviors .
  7. Movers and Shakers
  8. Foot toys
  9. A toy Chest
  10. Non destructible toys.

The bird vets recommend a variety of enrichment toys – each avian species will have preferred toys and each individual bird will have their own favorites.



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