How To Stop My Chicken Laying Eggs

Isa Brown

Hormone Implants In Chickens?!? At Melbourne chicken vet we recommend contraception in chickens, to stop chickens from ovulating and laying eggs  for a number of conditions including: Chicken vet reproductive tract disease Oviductal prolapse in chickens Cloacal prolapse in laying hens Uterine infections Soft shelled eggs Birds that need a reproductive break Egg yolk related…

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Worms In Chickens

Round Worms

Round Worms From a Chicken Treatment of Worms In Poultry Chicken worms, chicken coccidia, and poultry mites and lice, are common and regularly seen. Round worms in chickens have a life cycle of about three weeks. Consequently from the time the egg is eaten by the bird, and the worm grows inside the chicken, and…

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Caring for Chickens


Quick Facts About Chickens: Incubation period: 21 days Point of lay: 16-20 weeks Life expectancy: 6 years but if well cared for some live past 10 years. General Description of Keeping Chickens Keeping chickens has seen a resurgence in recent years as internet age urban dwellers discover the pleasure of reconnecting with their rural roots.…

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