Avian Nurse

Experienced Avian Nurse

Dakota joined our team in early 2021 as a placement student nurse and became part of our permanent team in September 2021.

Dakota came to the veterinary industry because she was driven to help animals and make a change in their lives. While Dakota is known as a cat person (she’s not a crazy cat lady yet she swears), she loves all animals. She still comes on the clinic staff dog walks, even though she doesn’t have a dog (yet).

Dakota loves working at Burwood because of the large variety of animals that come through the clinic. She loves that she learns something new every day in this job.

Dakota has completed her Certificate III in animal studies (specialising in vet nurse). She completed her Certificate IV in Vet Nursing at the end of 2022.

Outside of the clinic, Dakota explores her artistic side. She loves painting. You may even have seen the portrait of Tickles the clinic Quaker on the wall at the clinic.

She lives with her overweight (it’s possibly just fluff) Persian X, named Pickles. She’s the staff member who can always be counted on to be covered in long cat fur.

Despite being known as a cat person, there is a secret bird person hiding behind all that cat fur.  Dakota is the aunt of Frank the B&G macaw, who lived with Dakota for quite a long time and is now frequently with Dakota for babysitting.  Then we have to acknowledge Dakota's bond with Blue Toast the Quaker.  While it remains a mystery why Dakota thought Toast was a good name for a bird? (She obviously likes Toast.) Their bond is undeniable.  Toast is particularly obsessed with redesigning Dakota's hair.


  • Certificate 3 Animal Studies/Skills with Vet Nursing
  • Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

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