Meet the Bird Vet Melbourne Team

Our Staff...

Led by our amazing Vet Director, Avian Vet Dr. Phil Sacks, this team's passion for bird health is unparalleled.  When it comes to birds, it is essential you come to a "bird-vet"  team strongly experienced with avian medicine.

At Bird Vet Melbourne you have the option of seeing multiple bird experienced vets.  You can also book a parrot behavioural or parrot-training consultation with practice manager Mel Vincent who is a bird  behaviourist and able to answer any question relating to bird-behaviour.

The avian veterinary nursing team are experts in their field.  Many clinics, call students "nurses".  Our nurses are qualified, certified nurses.  With an impeccable track record of safe anaesthetics, your bird has the best chance with this talented team.

We regularly take students on, to learn from our experienced team.  Our students go through a stringent interview process and are fully supervised by qualified staff at the clinic as they work to become qualified themselves.

Dr. Phil Sacks
Vet Director/Avian Vet

Dr Phil is one of the most experienced and respected avian vets in the country.  His passion for birds in incomparable... See more

Dr. Ruth Barrett
Avian Vet

Dr. Ruth has worked as an avian vet in many clinics for years.  She is one of the most experienced bird vets in the state... See more

Dr. Shereni Joshi

Dr. Shereni has been a fulltime team member for a while now.  One of the kindest most compassionate vets you will meet... See more

Dr. Kelly Gan

Passionate about birds, Kelly has been working at Bird Vet Melbourne for a while now... See more

Mel Vincent
Practice Manager/Avian Behaviourist.

Mel sees behavioural clients at the clinic every day.  Her passion is bird behaviour.  An expert trainer and manager... See more

Eithan Giles

Eithan Giles
Nursing Manager.

Eithan is one of the most talented avian nurses you will ever meet.  Head of our nursing team... See more


Vet Nurse

Katelyn is one of our most experienced avian nurses.  With a strong background in wildlife, she excels at handling birds... See more


Vet Nurse

Dakota is one of our longstanding nurses.  Originally starting with us a student, she has long since become fully qualified... See more


Vet Nurse.

Nekitta is one of the newest members of our team.  Fully qualified, Nekitta brings a wealth of experience to our team.


Vet Nurse

Wei started at the clinic as a student and we liked her so much, we kept her.  Now a fully qualified vet nurse, she's an integral part of the team.

Sarah Vet Nurse

Student Nurse.

Sarah is one of our trainees.  Currently undertaking Certificate 4 in vet nursing, Sararh has quickly become a client favourite.  See more...

Lisa Browne

Vet Nurse.

With more than 25 years experience in vet nursing, Lisa is a wealth of knowledge.  She has a solid background with dogs and cats and has been with us for a few years now...

Diabetic Cockatiel

Student Nurse.

Yes we know that's a cockatiel not Sam.  Sam is our newest student nurse who has so far eluded the camera!  Currently undertaking Certificate 4 in vet nursing.

Chicken Head

Animal Attendant.

Caity is our newest team member.  We haven't caught her with the camera (yet).  Caity originally came to us as a work experience student.  We liked her so much, we hired her.

The Tickles

Tickles and Evil Tickles. (Bird Clinic Quakers.)

These guys rule the avain clinic.  If you call and can't hear us over the angry Quaker screams, someone probably just touched their moon shaped mirror.

If you haven't met them yet - you want to.  Yell Peekaboo - they'll yell it back.

Their job description includes: yelling at telemarketers when they're dumb enough to ring the Bird-clinic, throwing things at the Bird-vet staff and walls and of course greeting and sorting out our Bird clients.

They bring an amazing amount of comfort to those who have received bad news.

Their special skills include pooping on people on command.  So don't mess with us, we've got feathered weapons.

Our location

128 Highbury Rd, Burwood, Victoria, Australia. 3125

(03) 9808 9011


9-6pm Mon-Fri

9-12pm Sat

10-12pm Sun

Looking for a new challenge?

We are a growing business and we will always make room for the right team member if they come along.

Bird Vet Melbourne is a teaching clinic.  We frequently take on both student vets and student vet nurses for placement.

If you are interested in joining our team, get in touch!