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Our experienced team at Bird Vet Melbourne  love birds and  share a real passion for our avian patients .

Bird Vet Melbourne  has been providing an avian veterinary service in this location for more than 30 years.

We have multiple experienced avian vets and avian nurses in our team. Even our practice manager is an Avian  behaviourist who specialises in birds.

Bird Vet Melbourne facilities are designed with birds in mind, so you know you are getting the best equipment and an incomparable service for your bird companions.

With unrivalled results, our team at the Melbourne Bird Vet Hospital  are ready to help your birds with all their  needs.

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For all urgent Melbourne Bird Veterinary needs please contact the bird-vet clinic on: (03) 9808 9011.
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Harold - Rooster Chicken tutu
Dr. Kelly Gan's pet: Harold - The Next Top Rooster wearing his tutu.

Chicken Tutus!!!!!

Yes they're a thing!!!!  OK, so they may have started out as a fun way to prevent a chicken pecking at a back injury... but they're so awesome they became a fashion statement at the Chicken-vet.

If you don't believe us just ask Harold.  He just won the 2023 title of Next Top Rooster and we thinks he wears his tutu at chicken -vet-Melbounrne very well.

If you want a tutu for your chickens make sure you visit our online store or clinic.

Furthermore, if you want to teach your chicken to dance, book in with our avian behaviourist or come to chicken school!!!

Also, we have expert chicken vets here, so get your chicken checked out at the Melbourne Chicken Vet.


Online Bird Shop - Bird Toys, Bird Perches, Bird and chicken Medications !!

We know how hard it is to find bird safe toys and Bird-Vet products On-line.  All our Avian  staff are more than a little obsessed with spoiling their own birds and the Melbourne-Bird-Vet quakers.  Consequently, our reception has become a fully stocked Bird-Pet-Store with an emphasis on some of the most amazing bird toys, bird perches and bird play-gyms that you will see.  If you can't find what you want - let  know.  The team at the Vet for birds are always looking for an excuse to get new products!

Events & Activities

The Pet Show Melbourne

Bird-Vet-Melbourne is always up to something!!!  Our entire expert avian veterinary team is actively engaged with Avian community events and  bird  rescues.  You will find us at major shows like The Pet Show or The Bird Lover's Expo.

We're constantly organising events too!  From Chicken Day (yep chickens in tutus is a thing!) to parrot school.

Keep an eye on the Bird Vet's  events page and follow us on social media if you want to find out what's next!!!

Dr. Phil Sacks

Owner & Director/
Avian Veterinarian

Dr. Ruth Barrett

Avian Veterinarian

Dr. Shereni Joshi


Mel Vincent
Practice Mangager/Avian Behaviourist

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Xanthomas in Birds

Tumors: Xanthomas in Birds By Gregory Rich, DVM; Rick Axelson, DVM The Following Article and Photos are By Gregory Rich, DVM; Rick Axelson, DVM Xanthomas are discrete masses or diffuse, thickened areas of skin that are a yellowish-orange color with a dimpled surface. They are accumulations of fat and cholesterol that are primarily seen in…

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Help! My bird laid an egg!!!!

My bird laid an egg! Am I going to have babies? Female birds lay eggs and they don’t need a male around for that to happen.  This frequently leaves pet bird owners shocked.  Many ring the clinic in a panic, particularly if they don’t want babies. So for those of you who aren’t acquainted with…

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Diabetes in Birds

Diabetic Cockatiel Diabetes Mellitus In Birds “Has my bird really got diabetes??? Doc you must be joking???  Why does a bird get diabetes???” Charlie was an 8-year-old male lutino cockatiel weighing 78.9 grams. He was a well loved pet that enjoyed freedom allowed out of his cage every day.  He had a gutsy personality –…

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Poisoning in Birds

Metal Toxicity in Birds If your bird has ingested something it shouldn’t have! If you believe your bird may have ingested something that could be poisonous you should take your bird to an avian Veterinarian. If caught early your bird-vet may be able to remove toxic material from your bird by irrigating the crop before…

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Egg Binding

What is Eggbinding? Egg binding is a serious condition that can occur in female birds when an egg gets stuck in the oviduct and she is unable to pass it. This can cause damage to internal tissue, bleeding, infection, prolapse, and even death. If you think your bird may have a stuck egg, please take…

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Candida and Aspergillus in Birds

Crop dilation associated with a Candida infection in a cockatiel chick Treatment of Fungal Diseases in Birds Candidiasis (‘thrush’, caused by Candida spp) and Aspergillosis (caused by Aspergillus spp) are fungal infections that occur in birds. It is important to know whether a disease is caused by a fungus or a bacteria as bacterial infections…

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Blackhead in Peacocks

Blackhead In Peacocks Peacock Blackhead -Treatment Blackhead (Histomoniasis) in Peacocks, Quail, Turkeys and Chickens Blackhead (Histomoniasis) is caused by an amoeba-like parasite, Histomonas meleagridis, that lives in the caeca of chicken, turkeys, quail, pheasants and other gallinaceous (chicken-like) birds. The caeca are blind portions of the intestine, the equivalent to the human appendix, which are…

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Beak and Feather Disease

Avian Vet Treatment for Beak and Feather Disease Circovirus / Psittacine (PBFD) is a tiny virus that can cause devastating disease, including damage to feathers, beaks and the immune system, especially in cockatoos and parrots, where it is called Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD). Strains of the virus can also cause disease in canaries,…

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Treatment and Prevention of Giardia In Birds What is giardiasis? Giardiasis is the term for infection with the protozoan Giardia. These are spherical parasites with four flagella at one pole and a single undulating membrane along one length. Where does Giardia live? Giardia attach to the intestines of their hosts. They have a motile trophozoite…

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Heavy Metal Poisoning

Blood lead testing machine for birds, in house at the Melbourne chicken vet, it uses 1/20th of a ml of blood and we routinely test blood lead levels in sick hens. Treatment and Prevention of Heavy Metal Poisoning in Birds How Does Heavy Metal Poisoning Occur? Since birds love to chew and generally have very…

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