At Bird Vet Melbourne we understand the deep connections people form with birds and our avian veterinarians and avian nurses  provide caring, competent and quality avian veterinary care for our feathered patients. The bird hospital has individually heated hospital cages for each patient.  Chicken-vet   patients don't feel left out, we love to help backyard poultry too!  At Bird Vet Melbourne you can be confident that you will be fully supported with expert avian care,  and sound avian veterinary advice relevant to the individual species of birds that you keep and that you’ll be well equipped to make the best ongoing health care and treatment decisions.  This is the oldest established bird vet clinic in Melbourne.

Opening Hours

Mon-Thurs 9am-6pm
Fri 9am-6pm
Sat 9am-12pm
Sun 10am-12pm
*Our last appointment is 30 mins prior to closing time*


128 Highbury Road,
Burwood, Victoria, 3125
Call Us: (03) 9808 9011



  • We really care about your pets
  • Each bird patient is in a heated incubator complete with toys and perches.
  • We understand birds and are able to give "our" bird patients human kindness and companionship.
  • Our bird vet clinic is fully equipped and up to date to cater for the unique requirements of avian patients.
  • The vets and nurses are all experienced in looking after all kinds avian patients
  • Our nursing staff are avian trained and able to offer advice about bird care and nutrition

  • We are open 7 days a week, sick birds also need treatments on Sundays !
  • We’re passionate about bird health and welfare.
  • All our bird vets are highly experienced and have trained internationally in Bird Medicine.
  • We have worked with the only veterinary bird specialist in Bird Medicine in Victoria.
  • We were an approved facility for training avian veterinary specialists for Australia and North America and Senior Academic Associates of the University of Melbourne.



    review rating 5  Please be careful ! We have just seen another fox attack victim. With daylight saving a lot of pets are being kept outside in the dark, when foxes are more active. Those with automatic timers for chickens and ducks please ensure you adjust for day light saving. Smaller birds loosing limbs and wings is still happening. Please take care.

    thumb Bird Vet Melbourne

    review rating 5  I have been going to Bird Vet Melbourne for a very long time. My name is Kelly. I have an 18 year old Indian Ringneck called Bernie. The expert care your receive at this vet is extraordinary. They are full of knowledge, compassion, and are very attentive to the needs of not just my bird but every animal that comes in through the doors. They are so loving and kind to Bernie my Vet Dr Esther as well as Dr Phil and the very kind vet nurses. Taylor was very kind when Bernie was eggbound recently and very ill in hospital. Taylor took such good care of her sending me photos and giving me updates. I really appreciated everyone’s help. I would highly recommend getting implants for female birds to stop them laying eggs and getting eggbound every year. I cannot recommendation Bird Vet Melbourne highly enough thank you everyone for looking after Bernie Watson.

    thumb Kelly Watson

    review rating 5  Phil & his team are the most empathic carers. I cannot thank him & his team enough. Phil has saved my girls (chooks!) on numerous occasions now - including a life saving surgery on my now 8 year old girl Bobski. I would not entrust anyone else with their care. And even though we’re in Yarraville, the hike across town is always worth it. He has spent hours with us when needed, which I trust is unusual. But moreso, he equally cares about your welfare when discussing options & treatment plans. Trust me, you cannot get better care for your feathered & furred friends. Zoë & Peter, Yarraville.

    thumb polly bloom
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