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Our mission is to provide a caring, experienced veterinary service for all animals

Bird Vet Visit

Bird-Vet Health Check Consultations

An annual wellness check, with an avian Vet is one of the best things you can do for your pet bird even if you think they are healthy.
A Bird-Vet checkup may include general grooming (nail trims are safer at the vet!), a physical exam where body condition is looked at and any general tests depending on your specific bird's needs.
At worst, we catch an illness early, at best we get a history of benchmarks which we can compare to in the future.
It's worth noting that by the time a bird shows signs of illness -and is presented to a Bird-Veterinarian it is already serious and possibly even life threatening.

Avian-Vet Customised Surgical Facilities and Equipment.

Bird Vet Melbourne is equipped to handle any sort of bird emergency and procedure.  Avian equipment is very different from what you will find in a standard veterinary surgery.  You can feel safe knowing your bird is being cared for by the most experienced avian-veterinary staff with all of the tools that they will need.

Bird surgery
Bird Hospital Incubator

Temperature Controlled Bird Specific Hospital Enclosures

At Bird Vet Melbourne our avian patients are kept in their own private heated incubators, specifically designed for sick birds.  In the bird-hospital, bird patients   are fed the best quality food, carefully chosen perches, and even have their own toys.

Our expert avian staff love our bird-patients and give them plenty of attention and look to meet their every need.

At the Bird Vet facility we  know how we would want our own pets to be treated and do everything in our power to ensure we give that to yours.

Bird-Behavioural and Bird Training Consultations

Want to stop your bird from biting? Screaming? Plucking? Destroying the world?  Want to train your bird to wear a harness? Fly and recall? Or just get your bird to poop on someone other than you?  We've got you covered.
Well known avian behaviourist, Mel Vincent manages the Bird-Vet-Clinic and offers behavioural consults, parrot school, chicken school and more.

Harness Training

Some of the services that we offer:

Health & Wellness Checkups

A health checkup is your best chance to pickup signs of illness early, or just sort out what's going on when your bird doesn't seem to be their normal self.

Surgery & Hospital Boarding

From reproductive surgery, to orthopaedics - we do it all and we have the hospital boarding setup to support even the most critical cases.

Emergency & Critical Care

We have emergency appointments reserved every day.  We know things happen and that fast access to treatment can be the difference between life and death.  Emergency appointments can not be booked online. For anything urgent or to access these appointments, call the clinic on: (03) 9808 9011.

Radiology and Ultrasonography

Our highly trained staff have access to all of the latest equipment on site, allowing us to quickly assess and treat avian patients of all shapes and sizes.

Grooming: Beak, nail and wing trims

Some things are best left to the vet.  If grooming goes wrong, you can damage your relationship with your bird, or even cause a serious injury.

Pathology and Laboratory Services

We routinely perform a variety of pathology tests on site, allowing for efficient, accurate diagnosis of your birds.  We have laboratory support off-site for anything else.


Accidents happen.  If your bird escapes - a microchip can get them home safely.  Our microchips are extra small and can even be used to monitor your bird's temperature. Ask us how now!

Photobiomodulation/Laser Therapy

We have multiple qualified laser technicians on staff.  In simple terms, this groundbreaking treatment reduces pain, inflammation and stimulates blood flow.
We have had amazing results treating plucking and self-mutilating birds.
Laser therapy is used to help mutliple conditions, from arthritis to GI disease.  We offer package treatment deals at a very reasonable price.  Ask for more details!

Behavioural, Training and General Husbandry Support

We are the only avian clinic in Australia, managed by a full-time behaviourist that is world renowned for training birds and solving problem behaviours.  We can help with behaviour, training and husbandry needs.  We even have a parrot school.

Specialist Referral

We are not a specialist centre. While all of our vets have advanced training in avian medicine they are not specialists. We offer an expert avian qualified service without the specialist price tag.  There are very few bird specialists in Australia.   On the very rare occasion that we feel you need a specialist, we can work to stabilise your bird and refer you.  Alternatively, we can make use of mobile expert services such as calling in a mobile CT scanner.

Our Wellness Programs

Preventative Health Care can help your pet live a longer, happier and healthier life.

At Bird Vet Melbourne, we have 3 Wellness Programs that make preventative health a whole lot more affordable.  It's not pet insurance but is an annual subscription that will help you cover most of your pet's annual needs.


$550 / year
  • Free standard consultations (up to 4*)
  • Annual Vaccination
  • Wellness blood test
  • Faecal & Urine analysis
  • 10% off surgery (includes dental and desexing)
  • 10% off all other products and services offered by Burwood Vet
  • Free Microchip and lifetime registration with CAR


$550 / year
  • Free standard consultations (up to 4*)
  • Wellness blood test or disease screen
  • Faecal analysis
  • Free microchip and lifetrime registration with CAR
  • 10% off surgery/hospital fees
  • 10% off all food, toys and other services provided by Bird Vet Melbourne
  • 10% off behavioural consultations/bird training


$550 / year
  • Free standard consultations (up to 4*)
  • Annual Vaccination
  • Wellness blood test
  • Faecal & Urine analysis
  • 10% off surgery (includes dental and desexing)
  • 10% off all other products and services offered by Burwood Vet
  • Free Microchip and lifetime registration with CAR

Terms & Conditions Apply.  Need more information?  Give us a call on (03) 9808 9011

What people say about us

These guys are awesome. Dr Philip really knows his stuff and take his time to show you how to do the after care on your companion bird. My teil had some Trauma left wing from a night fright. Didn't flog medication. Nor any other sales pitch. He just was concerned for the birds care. Clinic is easy to find and navigate to. Easily parking.

-David Pomfrett

Professional team from reception to Vers and nurses. Very friendly and extremely passionate about animals .
One of the best hospital clinics I have ever been to.
Comprehensive health knowledge of animals and birds including wellfare, behaviour and diet .
Those people perfected their work in a passionate ,professional way.

-Ahmad Aladir

Thank Dr. Phil, I got the best vet treatment not only in terms of physical but also emotional aspects. Dr Phil is really a person who cares about our pets, wants to provide best possible advise and help I have been to many respectable vets around Melbourne who won't even care about my concerns stating the pet feels great, when I can see he suffers. I will be sticking to this vet from now on and will be consulting Dr. Phil who is one of the best veterinarians so far in Melbourne.

-Bogdana Kaznadzey


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