Dr. Phil Sacks

Veterinary Director/Avian Vet

Experienced Avian Vet

Dr Phil graduated in 1990 from the University of Pretoria in South Africa, after which he worked in a small animal practice until called up for his military service. He served as an army veterinarian (with the rank of lieutenant), treating military dogs and Army horses.
In 1992 he was accepted into a residency program in the Department of Medicine at the University of Pretoria. His duties included teaching the Veterinary Clinical Pathology course to final year Vet students as well as attending small animal medicine clinics and running a Veterinary  outpatients. In 1997 he graduated with a postgraduate Honours degree in Dog and Cat Medicine and Clinical Pathology from the University of Pretoria. He was invited to become an external examiner overseeing exams for veterinary students at the university.

From 1994 he worked in a private practice in Johannesburg where he also did relief work for the Johannesburg Zoo. The clinic expanded and Dr Phil found himself doing veterinary dentistry with animal dentist Dr Joubert with whom he set up a referral Veterinary Dental Clinic in Parkview.   Dr Phil treated exotics pets and birds both form the Zoo and local area. Amongst his achievements there he lists three caesarean sections on pet marmosets in one week, as well as root canals on two Siberian Tigers, caring for a new born Black Rhino abandoned by its mother, and treating an elephant with an orange stuck in its food pipe!

With his background in clinical pathology, Dr Phil set up a veterinary clinical pathology laboratory in 2000.

Dr Phil moved with his family to Australia in 2001 and became a part owner of Bird Vet Melbourne and a Member of the ANZCVSc by examination in Bird Medicine 2003. His other veterinary interests include internal medicine, clinical pathology and veterinary dentistry. He has regularly attended veterinary conferences in both Australia and North America to keep up to date, he writes for Talking Birds and has conducted a basic microscope course for aviculturists.

Away from work he jogs, swims and enjoys camping, sunsets and bushwalking. His favourite place in Victoria is Wilsons Prom.



  • BVSc – A bachelor of Veterinary Science
  • Postgraduate
  • BVSc – Honours – Small Animal Medicine ( Canine and Feline Medicine)
  • BVSc -Honours – Clinical Pathology
  • MACVSc – Avian Veterinarian.


"Thank Dr. Phil, I got the best vet treatment not only in terms of physical but also emotional aspects. Dr Phil is really a person who cares about our pets, wants to provide best possible advise and help I have been to many respectable vets around Melbourne who won't even care about my concerns stating the pet feels great, when I can see he suffers. I will be sticking to this vet from now on and will be consulting Dr. Phil who is one of the best veterinarians so far in Melbourne."

5 Star Google Review

"I see Dr Phillip for my pets. Watching this man work is absolutely mind blowing. Not only did he get my pets blood work done in under 7 minutes, but he also checked for bacterial/parasites in my pets poop, taking again less than 7 minutes. He took my pets radiograph in less than 20 minutes too. This man is an absolute powerhouse for animal care and he is so compassionate towards his patients. He is completely composed when working with people and polite when addressing his concerns/pet owner concerns. He is completely caring towards animals and you can tell. Dr Phillip is gifted, he is able to do bloodworks/radiographs without anaesthesia safely. I put my full trust with this vet for my animals and I would not take them to any other vet. While I have been ranting about how good this vet is, it’s true. This clinic is very special to me because of how many options they opened up to me for my animals health. Honestly there’s no way to thank them for how much they have done for me, even outside my clinic appointments."

5 Star Google Review

"These guys are awesome. Dr Philip really knows his stuff and take his time to show you how to do the after care on your companion bird. My teil had some Trauma left wing from a night fright. Didn't flog medication. Nor any other sales pitch. He just was concerned for the birds care. Clinic is easy to find and navigate to. Easy parking."

5 Star Google Review

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