Dr. Shereni Joshi


Experienced Veterinarian

Dr Shereni qualified in 2002 from the University of Pretoria, Onderstepoort. She spent over a year in the UK working as a small animal veterinarian. She then returned to South Africa where she worked at the SPCA and did some work at the Pretoria Zoo. In Pretoria, she opened a companion animal private practice where she was involved in many welfare organizations assisting with sterilization campaigns, and treatment of rescue and feral animals. She has completed a course in companion animal behaviour.

Her involvement included community projects which included both human and animal welfare. She ran Pet Care Camps and had discussions at schools where the focus was on educating children and the community regarding pet care. This encouraged children to volunteer at animal welfare groups and shelters.

Some of her highlights in working as a vet were treating wild animals at the zoo and exotic animal treatment are some of the many exciting opportunities presented in the veterinary field. She is now learning about avian medicine which is fascinating.

She has been with our team full-time for a while now, so many clients are already familiar with her work.

Behind the scenes, her surgical skills have helped many of our most complicated avian clients.  Some of you may have seen Molly the galah on our Youtube channel and Shereni's ability to intricately stitch up the most difficult wounds saved his life and many more.

Shereni and her family share their life with an overly energetic kitten and guinea pig.  Her animal family is growing since moving to Melbourne though, so we're fairly certain this very short list will be out of date before we know it.  (We know a few birds that are desperately trying to adopt her!)




  • BVSc
  •  Dip CABT

Dr. Shereni in Action...

Check out some of the pictures below and see Dr Shereni at work!
Vet Dr Shereni Joshi & avian Nurse Katelyn
Chicken Vet

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"Could not recommend this clinic enough! Wonderful staff, treat pets with so much care and love.
They sent a beautiful card to us when we had to put our pet down. The vet was very sensitive and reassuring to us.
Highly recommend and will be back!

5 Star Google Review

"Wow, I can not tell you how amazing these guys are. My blue and gold macaw Luna took a nasty knock to the head, causing some nasty bruises and some swelling. These guys got me in the same day! Due to Covid-19 I was unable to go in there with her, however throughout the whole process they called and sent photos of the whole appointment that made me feel so happy to know she was in the best hands. I travel 2 hours to come to these guys and I will do so forever! Thank you again guys! ❤️❤️❤️ - Luna and Grace"

5 Star Google Review

"Professional team from reception to Vets and nurses. Very friendly and extremely passionate about animals .
One of the best hospital clinics I ever been .
Comprehensive health knowledge of animals and birds including welfare ,behaviour and diet .
Those people perfected their work in a passionate, professional way.

5 Star Google Review