Marek's Disease Vaccination

Here at Bird Vet Melbourne, we offer vaccination against Marek's Disease in chickens.

Marek’s Disease is caused by a cancer-forming virus that affects the nerves, often resulting in leg paralysis in young birds. There is a vaccine available but it is not always effective in every individual bird.

Information about the vaccine. (Last updated March 2024)

  • The Vaccination is only available on a Wednesday as the vaccine is shipped on dry ice.
  • The vaccine once made can treat up to 1000 chickens. Yes, One thousand.
  • Once in the clinic, the vaccine must be used the same day.
  • Once the vaccine has been made, it must be used within 2 hours.
  • The cost for the vaccine is $500. We will then charge 1 or more consultation fees depending on the time taken, please call us for an accurate figure.

As up to 1,000 chickens can be treated each time we get the vaccine, we coordinate with various chicken rescues to give their new rescue chickens a free Marek's Vaccination.

The process for vaccination is as follows;

  • Call Bird Vet Melbourne on 03 9808 9011 and tell us you would like to have your chickens vaccinated against Marek's Disease.
  • We will contact the supplier to check for available stock and arrange a date that is suitable for you. This will be a Wednesday.
  • We will call you back to confirm the date and time, usually around mid-day
  • Arrive for your appointment and we will prepare and administer the vaccination.