Exzolt treatments for Chicken Red Mite


Exzolt is an effective treatment for red mite infestations in chickens. It kills the red-mites and can be given to egg-laying birds and there are no withholding periods for eggs. The benefits are: Exzolt efficacy in eliminating poultry red mites Exzolt is easy to dose both orally and in the water to eliminate poultry fowl…

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Scaly Mites In Birds

Scaly Mites

Scaly Mites General Information Scaly mites, Cnemidocoptes pillae, are a microscopic species of mite that cause skin problems (‘scaly face’, ‘scaly leg’ and ‘tassel foot’) by burrowing under the skin in budgerigars, canaries, finches and a variety of other bird species. Cnemidocoptes mutans is a close cousin that causes scaly leg in chickens. Scaly Mites…

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