Exzolt treatments for Chicken Red Mite


Exzolt is an effective treatment for red mite infestations in chickens. It kills the red-mites and can be given to egg-laying birds and there are no withholding periods for eggs.

The benefits are:

  • Exzolt efficacy in eliminating poultry red mites
  • Exzolt is easy to dose both orally and in the water to eliminate poultry fowl mites
  • Exzolt is recommended by poultry veterinarians to treat red mites in chickens.
  • Eggs can safely be eaten while on this chicken mite therapy

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Exzolt to treat the red mite

Exzolt, contains the active ingredient fluralaner, an effective and safe treatment for poultry red mites. Exzolt usually eliminates red mites in chickens. The recommended dose of 0.1ml orally for 2kg which is easy to dose and cost-effective even for small flocks. The red-mite-Exzolt treatment is then repeated in 7 days.

Understanding the Red-Mite named Dermanyssus.

Chicken red mite, scientifically known as Dermanyssus Gallinae, goes by various names such as poultry-red-mite, red-fowl-mite, and roost mite. This particularly painful pesky parasite is prevalent in Australia. Poultry-red-mite can also infect humans, completing its life cycle on them. Exzolt's effectiveness against this versatile parasite is the solution.

Professional Recommendation:

An endorsement comes from chicken veterinarians who recommend Exzolt as the first choice for treating poultry red mite infections. The ease of dosing, combined with the product's efficacy, makes it a preferred solution among poultry veterinarians.


Exzolt emerges as an excellent new product to manage chicken red mite infestations. Its efficacy, ease of use, and endorsement from poultry veterinarians position it as a leading choice for poultry enthusiasts seeking a reliable solution for red mite control. As a holistic treatment, Exzolt stands as a testament to advancements in poultry care, ensuring healthier and happier backyard birds.

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