Avian Nurse

Experienced Avian Nurse

Katelyn has come to the career of vet nursing because of her incredible passion for animals.  For as long as she can remember, she was always bringing rescue animals home.  She is well-known for her volunteer wildlife rescue work, going over and above to ensure our natives are here for generations to come.

Always the first to help ensure our wild patients end up in the best care situation possible, the advantage of her experience and connections to our patients is obvious.

We have come to rely heavily on Katelyn's experienced hands during surgeries.  Confident with her anaesthetic skills, she regularly helps train our students.  Experienced in wildlife, bird handling comes naturally to Katelyn.

Katelyn plays a lead role as one of our buyers.  She takes responsibility for sourcing and ordering a lot of the products you will see at reception and on our online store.  If there's one thing we've learned about Katelyn, she likes buying toys and anything fun for every animal she sees and this has led to a significant growth in the items we stock.  Fortunately, Katelyn has amazing organisational skills, so she not only helps maintain our stock range, she ensures it is well-organised out the back.

At home, Katelyn's Miniature Austrlian Shepherd Zeke rules the house.  Zeke has become well-known with his own instagram page.  Zeke has driven a new passion for dog training, with Katelyn taking every opporunity to train and work with dogs that she can.



  • Certificate 2 Animal Studies
  • Certificate 3 Animal Studies/Skills with Vet Nursing
  • Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

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