Chicken Wormer- Flubenol


Chicken Wormer- Flubenol Having a safe effective chicken wormer like Fubenol makes managing internal parasites much easier. Our chicken veterinary team needs an effective drug for controlling worms in chickens. Flubenol is that drug because it is broad-spectrum in its activity against Ascasidia – Round Worm Heterakis – Round worm Capillaria – a difficult round-worm…

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Exzolt treatments for Chicken Red Mite


Exzolt is an effective treatment for red mite infestations in chickens. It kills the red-mites and can be given to egg-laying birds and there are no withholding periods for eggs. The benefits are: Exzolt efficacy in eliminating poultry red mites Exzolt is easy to dose both orally and in the water to eliminate poultry fowl…

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Bird Boarding Melbourne

Bird Boarding

Bird Boarding Melbourne Pet Birds require Bird-boarding Bird-Vet Health checks for two reasons To ensure that the owner can go on holiday with confidence that their Pet-bird is healthy to board. Having Your Avain vet available for your pet-bird whilst you are away in an emergency gives added reassurance. The Bird-Boarding check also ensures that…

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Moxidectin Wormer for Birds


Bird Safe Wormer Maintaining your birds health health with Bird-Moxidectin called Moxi-Vet. An effective bird wormer used in chickens, parrots, pigeons and other birds. Bird-Moxidectin is often part of the medications in a healthy flock. Click Here To Purchase Moxidectin Benefits of Moxidectin For Birds Parrot and chicken Parasite Control: Bird-Moxidectin is an effective treatment…

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Parrot School

Parrot School

Parrot School Melbourne Bird-Parrot School – The Secrets of Parrot Training Introduction to Parrot-School With years of bird training experience, Melbourne Bird Parrot School is the best way to help you and your feathered companion live together harmoniously. Both Mel Vincent and John Newell have a lifetime of parrot-school involvement. At Melbourne Bird Parrot School,…

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Xanthomas in Birds


Tumors: Xanthomas in Birds By Gregory Rich, DVM; Rick Axelson, DVM The Following Article and Photos are By Gregory Rich, DVM; Rick Axelson, DVM Xanthomas are discrete masses or diffuse, thickened areas of skin that are a yellowish-orange color with a dimpled surface. They are accumulations of fat and cholesterol that are primarily seen in…

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Help! My bird laid an egg!!!!

parrot egg

My bird laid an egg! Am I going to have babies? Female birds lay eggs and they don’t need a male around for that to happen.  This frequently leaves pet bird owners shocked.  Many ring the clinic in a panic, particularly if they don’t want babies. So for those of you who aren’t acquainted with…

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Diabetes in Birds

Diabetic Cockatiel

Diabetic Cockatiel Diabetes Mellitus In Birds “Has my bird really got diabetes??? Doc you must be joking???  Why does a bird get diabetes???” Charlie was an 8-year-old male lutino cockatiel weighing 78.9 grams. He was a well loved pet that enjoyed freedom allowed out of his cage every day.  He had a gutsy personality –…

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Egg Binding

Eggbound Cockatiel at Vet

What is Eggbinding? Egg binding is a serious condition that can occur in female birds when an egg gets stuck in the oviduct and she is unable to pass it. This can cause damage to internal tissue, bleeding, infection, prolapse, and even death. If you think your bird may have a stuck egg, please take…

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Candida and Aspergillus in Birds

Candida infection cockatiel

Crop dilation associated with a Candida infection in a cockatiel chick Treatment of Fungal Diseases in Birds Candidiasis (‘thrush’, caused by Candida spp) and Aspergillosis (caused by Aspergillus spp) are fungal infections that occur in birds. It is important to know whether a disease is caused by a fungus or a bacteria as bacterial infections…

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