Dr. Kelly Gan



Dr Kelly Gan is the newest member of the Bird Vet Melbourne team.  Which explains why we haven't chased her around with a camera much yet!

Kelly graduated from Melbourne University in 2021 with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

During her final years in vet school, she discovered her passion for birds and now aspires to sit her membership exams in avian medicine and surgery.

Harold, Kelly's pet rooster is living proof of Kelly's passion for birds.  When Harold came into Kelly's life his prognosis wasn't great.  Kelly managed to turn it around and now - well we think Harold is one of the best looking roosters around.  The star of Chicken Day, he wore his tutu proudly and had all the girls looking at him.

Aside from working at Bird Vet Melbourne, she also loves dog and cat medicine and works at a small animal general practice clinic in Geelong. 

When Kelly is not working, she enjoys gardening and spending time with her pet white bellied caiques, cockatiels and rooster- Mia, Zoe, Penny, George, and Harold



  • Bachelor of Science (Zoology)
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Kelly in Action...

Some extracts are shown below:
Dakota, Mel & Kelly
Dakota, Mel & Kelly playing with puppies!!!

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Harold - Rooster Chicken tutu
Dr. Kelly Gan's pet: Harold - The Next Top Rooster wearing his tutu.

Chicken Tutus!!!!!

Yes they're a thing!!!!  OK, so they may have started out as a fun way to prevent a chicken pecking at a back injury... but they're so awesome they became a fashion statement.

If you don't believe us just ask Harold.  He just won the 2023 title of Next Top Rooster and we thinks he wears his tutu very well.

If you want a tutu for you chickens make sure you visit our online store or clinic.

Furthermore, if you want to teach your chicken to dance, book in with our avian behaviourist or come to chicken school!!!

Also we have expert chicken vets here, so get your chicken checked out.