Student Nurse

Student Nurse - Sarah

Sarah is one of the newest members of our team who is currently studying certificate 4 in veterinary nursing.

Sarah comes to us with a strong passion for veterinary medicine.  The love of veterinary medicine comes from a fascination of how you have to think out of the box when it comes to adopting different techniques and equipment for a multitude of species.

Sarah has loved animals from a very young age (pretty much since birth!) The best thing about animals is that they don't judge you.  How animals think and behave is really interesting and you can talk to them for hours without them thinking you are weird.

Sarah has several pets at home including 2 cats. StinkyWinsome is a short haired cat that has lived with Sarah for a few years now.  (Stinky is supposed to be crossed out because it's a nickname that no one is supposed to use, but everyone does.)

Cosmo is a medium haired cat who is well-known for being very clumsy but doesn't let that stop him from attempts at acrobatics.

Sarah rescued some fish many years ago from a neighbour's house fire. They are still creepily alive many years past a normal lifespan for black tetras.   We think this is a sign Sarah is good at keeping animals alive and that Sarah might be working her way up in the right industry!




  • Certificate in Animal Studies 1
  • Certificate in Animal Studies 2
  • Currently studying Veterinary Nursing 4.

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