CT Scan in Birds

CT (Computed Tomography) in birds is a diagnostic imaging tool used to visualise the internal structures of the little avian body in detail. It will soon be available at The Melbourne-Bird-Vet in Burwood. The Bird-veterinary CT scan works by taking multiple X-ray images from different angles and then using a computer to reconstruct a three-dimensional image of the bird-body. Avian Ct-Scans will soon be done at the Bird Vet Hospital. Avian-CT Scans can be very useful in diagnosing disease in birds. Due to the small size of most birds seen at the Avian Veterinary Clinic- specialised equipment and expertise are required to perform Bird CT scans safely and interpret them.

Parrot CT Scan

Bird Vet CT Scan

Image from https://scarletimaging.com/

Ct scans are used in birds for:

  • Celomic masses or Abdominal mass
  • Gastrointestinal evaluation
  • Head – to aid investigation of Sinus disease
  • Treating beak fractures,
  • Treating jaw fractures
  • Any enlarged organ.

Avian CT scans are done under General anaesthesia.

The Melbourne Bird Vet Hospital in Burwood will be using the services of a mobile Veterinary Ct-Scan. The Avian Veterinarians at the Melbourne Bird Hospital in conjunction with the Veterinary radiologists can give the best interpretation of the Bird Ct-scan.

Why Avian CT scans?

Avian CT scans provide detailed images of a bird's internal structures, allowing bird veterinarians to diagnose conditions with greater precision in smaller patients.

Avian CT scans -can help detect health issues at an earlier stage.

Avian cat scans help veterinarians plan surgeries by providing detailed images of the affected area.

Avian Cat-Scans are Non-Invasive: Parrot- CT scans do however require anaesthesia.

Bird CT Scans can evaluate multiple body systems, including the respiratory, digestive, and reproductive systems, in a single scan, providing a more comprehensive assessment of the bird's health.

Chicken CT Scans can help veterinarians explain diagnoses and treatment plans.

Offering CT scans for birds demonstrates a commitment to providing gold-standard care, for clients seeking the best possible treatment for their feathered companions at Bird-Vet Melbourne.

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