Laser Therapy in Birds

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Bird Laser Therapy.

Laser therapy For birds.

Photobiomodulation or Laser therapy for birds is used in the treatment of conditions in birds that benefit from reduced pain, reduced inflammation and more rapid healing. Laser in birds simply put reduces pain inflammation and accelerates healing. Our avian patients seem to enjoy the Avian-Laser therapy sessions. Parrot-laser therapy is a bit like massage therapy for people. The Bird Doctors treat various avian clinical disorders with photobiomodulation or bird-Laser. Our bird-vet-laser has established Pet-Bird-Laser regime which include specific bird laser energy dosing, and treatment intervals for birds. . There is already published information on laser therapy for birds. The main published clinical indications for laser therapy in birds are for conditions of the Skin, Musculoskeletal, and coelomic disorders.

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The Bird Doctors at Melbourne Bird Vet are routinely recommending and doing bird-laser therapy on pet birds. Bird Vet Melbourne has a wealth of experience with avian-laser-therapy. The Avian nurses doing the bird-laser nurses have done accredited training in parrot laser therapy. The bird-Doctors and Bird Nurses are doing Laser therapy in birds routinely at the Melbourne-Bird-Vet-hospital


Class 4 Laser therapy for birds

The Bird-Laser therapy is done by the Certified Veterinary Avian nurse Laser team. A computer programmable Class IV-Vet -Laser is the recommended laser therapy for parrots, and the once used at Bird-Vet-Melbourne. The Veterinary laser protocol we use in birds has been researched, tried and tested in parrots and chickens. The avian protocols are programmed based on the weight of the patient and the area being treated. You can be confident that your beloved pet bird gets just the right amount of “heat” and stimulation needed, The avian laser machine measures the duration of therapy at a particular point, doses of laser and the computer recommends the speed of laser head movement.

Pic of Avian Laser

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We are using parrot laser therapy as part of the treatment of feather-picking in parrots, and parrots with feather damaging behaviour.

The chicken-vets recommend chicken laser therapy in chickens after reproductive tract disease.

The bird-veterinarians are also using laser therapy in birds to treat  arthritis and lameness

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Avian Laser therapy – the Science

Bird Laser therapy uses red & near infrared specturm light waves to induce therapeutic effects on the deeper tissue in the birds body. The laser waves result in improved tissue healing & regeneration, in both avian Surgical wounds and bite wounds. Bird-Laser therapy results in improvement of the elasticity & tensile strength of tissue. Using laser to reduced pain is so important in our parrots as the powerful beak can really damage the skin and feather when the skin is painful. Bird-laser therapy helps reduce, inflammation & swelling, and generally improves circulation & healing to the affected delicate avian skin. As birds do not have good blood supply under the skin – Avian -laser therapy is especially useful in this species.

Where does Laser-therapy-in-birds work

The Avian laser therapy works on all three phases of avian wound healing, i.e. inflammation, proliferation and remodelling or healing . Parrot Laser therapy is used for both acute and chronic conditions , like bite wounds, feather-damaging behaviour and trauma wounds. The bird-laser therapy results in wounds healing more rapidly. The Bird-doctors use Parrot-Laser-Therapy in chronic lesions such as pododermatitis ( Bumble foot) and pressure sores. The melbourne bird vet has seen improvement in avian arthritis and in feather picking-birds.. The duration of inflammation can be reduced by avian-Laser-Therapy. The phase of healing and repair, during which granulation tissue is formed, begins earlier. The rate of wound contraction is increased with parrot-Laser-Therapy.

Animal Laser therapy has been proven effective for multiple conditions & if the veterinarian recommends laser, it can be administered after the veterinary visit.. At At the Animal Laser Clinic at Bird Vet Melbourne we usually use a Companion-animals -class 4 laser, which offers ideal penetration for and duration optimal effect.

Birds, Ducks and chickens all benefit from the Avian- Laser Therapy .

The bird-Laser Therapy procedure.

The laser beam is moved over the skin, in a controlled way, rhythmically as directed by the Laser computer. This is so that the light energy (photons) penetrates the tissue, at just the right amount of time with the just the right intensity where it interacts with the soft tissue and it and produces the good outcomes.

Our Animal Laser therapy unit has a computer that adjusts the laser to give the optimal amount of laser to the treatment area. Photobiomodulation used in out class iv animal laser , resulting in changes the tissue by stimulating cellular metabolism to accelerate the healing process.

Laser Therapy Vet Clinic in Burwood

Laser Therapy was introduced to Bird Vet Melbourne 2023 in an effort to provide higher quality patient care. We are experienced and certified for use of this Animal laser on pets in Australia but are also proud to be doing so much laser therapy in Birds with feather damaging behaviour. It has become the standard of care at Bird-vet-Melbourne to use avian-laser to alleviating both acute and chronic pain experienced by our patients. Rest assured that Bird-Laser Therapy has been tried and tested on Birds. The bird-vet has seen good results using pet-laser therapy.

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