Help! My bird laid an egg!!!!

parrot egg

My bird laid an egg! Am I going to have babies? Female birds lay eggs and they don’t need a male around for that to happen.  This frequently leaves pet bird owners shocked.  Many ring the clinic in a panic, particularly if they don’t want babies. So for those of you who aren’t acquainted with…

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Egg Binding

Eggbound Cockatiel at Vet

What is Eggbinding? Egg binding is a serious condition that can occur in female birds when an egg gets stuck in the oviduct and she is unable to pass it. This can cause damage to internal tissue, bleeding, infection, prolapse, and even death. If you think your bird may have a stuck egg, please take…

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How To Stop My Chicken Laying Eggs

Isa Brown

Hormone Implants In Chickens?!? At Melbourne chicken vet we recommend contraception in chickens, to stop chickens from ovulating and laying eggs  for a number of conditions including: Chicken vet reproductive tract disease Oviductal prolapse in chickens Cloacal prolapse in laying hens Uterine infections Soft shelled eggs Birds that need a reproductive break Egg yolk related…

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Avian Reproductive Disease

Reproductive Disease in Chickens

How To Prevent Reproductive Disease One of the most common reasons for backyard hens to come to Melbourne Chicken Vet is for reproductive tract disease. Laying breeds have been bred to lay eggs so prolifically that complications are common. Chickens are very good at hiding illness, so by the time they look sick the disease…

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