How To Stop My Chicken Laying Eggs

Isa Brown

Hormone Implants In Chickens?!?

At Melbourne chicken vet we recommend contraception in chickens, to stop chickens from ovulating and laying eggs  for a number of conditions including:

  • Chicken vet reproductive tract disease
  • Oviductal prolapse in chickens
  • Cloacal prolapse in laying hens
  • Uterine infections
  • Soft shelled eggs
  • Birds that need a reproductive break
  • Egg yolk related peritonitis
  • To give rescue chickens a break from laying
  • After surgery

At the poultry vet we find that a contraceptive injection is the most reliable way of stopping egg laying. The chicken contraceptive injection lasts about three months. A problem with chicken contraception is the high cost of the medication, which is about $150.

Chicken vets are unable to permanently sterilize chickens as the surgery is dangerous ( to remove the ovary) and extremely difficult.

At Melbourne chicken vet we perform hundreds of chicken contraception treatments  every year.


  1. Lisa on July 17, 2024 at 5:24 am

    Can we get chicken contraception in the US?

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