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Bird Care Information

While there are some important principles that Melbourne Bird Vet  recommends  in keeping birds that are common across  species, there are also considerations that are specific to individual types of birds. Click on the following articles for Avian Vet information regarding the type of bird that you keep.

Caring for your pet Canary

Caring for Cockatoos

Caring For Rainbow Lorikeets

Caring for your African Grey Parrot

Caring for your pet Budgerigar

Caring for your pet Conure

Caring for your pet Lovebird

Caring for pet Duck

Caring for your pet Amazon parrot

Caring for Peacocks / Peafowl

Feeding pet birds

Housing for Pet Birds

See the separate page for Pet and backyard chickens.

At bird vet Melbourne we see incredible pet bird intelligence.  The chicken vet – Little Miss Sunshine –  a trained rescue chicken that picked a chicken picture  card out of a deck, and helped educate 1000’s of Chicken owners in Australia.  Chickens are one of the most under rated companion animals  w.r.t intelligence and companionship – see Backyard chicken vet.  Budgie Vet – Cyril a budgerigar probability has the best vocabulary of any parrot we have seen at our Melbourne Bird Veterinary clinic.    Studies with the African grey parrot have shown that some are able to associate words with their meanings and form simple sentences .   Parrot vet – Parrots and the corvid family of crowsravens, and jays are considered the most intelligent of birds.

How birds are housed and fed has a tremendous impact on their susceptibility to disease, behavior problems, and breeding capabilities. Before getting a bird, learn all you can about its specific environmental and nutritional needs.

Chicken Vet or Poultry vets suggest a lot of research before building a chicken coop, and getting backyard birds.

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