Chicken Wormer- Flubenol


Chicken Wormer- Flubenol

Having a safe effective chicken wormer like Fubenol makes managing internal parasites much easier. Our chicken veterinary team needs an effective drug for controlling worms in chickens. Flubenol is that drug because it is broad-spectrum in its activity against

Ascasidia - Round Worm

Heterakis - Round worm

Capillaria – a difficult round-worm to treat

Tapeworm – Railletina.

The active ingredient in the chicken-wormer Flubenol is flubendazole.

Flubenol 5% is manufactured by Elanco.

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The Melbourne Chicken Vet recommends – Chicken wormer with Flubenol for your backyard chickens. At the same time, we’ll also look at the safety and efficacy of flubendazole in chickens.

The Melboure-chicken veterinarians recommend appropriate food hygiene and housing to ensure good parasite control.

The Chicken wormer Flubendazole is a broad-spectrum safe deworming for poultry. The chicken wormer is a benzimidazole wormer and is used widely in commercial poultry.


The Chicken wormer It is administered orally to chickens and can also be used in turkeys, and game birds.

The chicken wormer is easily added to your hen's regular feed.

The chicken-wormer Flubendazole is effective against almost all the worms we encounter in our Melbourne backyard flocks, ie: chicken roundworms, tapeworms, gape-worms and even capillaria worms.

The chicken wormer containing Flubendazole or Flubenol is safe for your backyard chocks and the eggs laid are safe for eating – with no withholding necessary!

The chicken wormer is a brilliant product being safe, effective and does not affect the eggs.

Another reason is that this is the first registered chicken wormer that also treats tapeworm.

Tapeworms in chickens is common in the Australian backyard because the hens forage and eat insects and other critters that have the chicken tapeworm eggs in them. The chicken wormer Flubenol is effective against tapeworms in chickens.

Gape worm in chickens is not seen commonly by Melbourne chicken vets. But now that we have a chicken wormer that teats gape-worm in chickens, as well as all the other worms. So the Chicken Vet recommended chicken wormer does it all.

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  1. Sarah on April 30, 2024 at 9:39 am

    Hello, using Flubenol was recommended to me as an easier way to worm my flock as it goes in their food. I read this article and couldn’t see if it covers the caecal worm. Would you know if it does please? I ask because I have a turkey and I have read many times that that is the worm that could cause blackhead and so I always choose a wormer that would cover that too.

    • Dr Phli on June 7, 2024 at 6:33 pm

      Flubenol is from the same worming medicaion group as fenbendazole and Fenbendazole is a product that is currently approved for treatment and control of roundworms (Ascaridia spp.) and cecal worms (Heterakis spp.) So we would expect it to be effective against caecal worms in chickens.

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