What To Do In A Bird Health Emergency

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HELP My bird needs urgent care!

CALL US at (03) 9808 9011 and speak with one of our nurses on duty or listen to the recorded announcement.

The recording will give you information about out of hours emergency care if the clinic is closed or contact your nearest 24hr emergency hospital.

The avian nurse will do a preliminary assessment and call the bird vets as a matter of urgency if it is considered a bird veterinary emergency.

The avian emergency is often treated at a bird vet as follows:

  1. The patient is often placed in a heated  incubator after assessment
  2. Supplementary oxygen is made available especially if in respiratory distress.
  3. Fluid Therapy is administered to maintain hydration and blood pressure
  4. Appropriate medication/pain relief is given
  5. Close monitoring of the patient’s condition by one of the nurses
  6. Depending on the nature of injury or illness, surgery, diagnostic tests or general anaesthesia may be necessary

If you live at some distance from our clinic, please call your local vet for advice and instructions.  Your local vet is welcome to give our clinic a call if they require information the emergency care in birds.

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