Services – Bird Vet Hospital

Bird Vet Staff

The bird hospital is unique  designed to cater for the specific needs of the sick  avian patient by    an experienced Bird Vet.

Some features

  • Safe Bird toys – we stock a good variety of quality, safe, value for money bird toys and perches
  • We rent out and sell heated cages for sick birds
  • We have two avian consultation rooms each equipped with perches, accurate scales and medical equipment to examine and treat birds.
  • Our Digital x-rays and quality and purchased for avian patients.
  • Bird Vet Melbourne has a heated surgical theatre, with heated operating surfaces, and radiant heat to ensure that little heat is lost during surgery.
  • Bird vet Melbourne has five areas with heated hospital cages made to accommodate the avian patient.
  • Bird Vet Melbourne has feeding tubes, appropriate for all avian sizes , parrot oral speculums, endoscopes etc, all to cater for the needs of the sick pet bird.
  • A hospital service – sick patients are admitted and treated as inpatients.
  • Love and care from dedicated avian trained staff.

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