Moxidectin Wormer for Birds


Bird Safe Wormer

Maintaining your birds health health with Bird-Moxidectin called Moxi-Vet. An effective bird wormer used in chickens, parrots, pigeons and other birds.

Bird-Moxidectin is often part of the medications in a healthy flock.

Benefits of Moxidectin For Birds

Parrot and chicken Parasite Control:

Bird-Moxidectin is an effective treatment for parasites that commonly affect pigeons, parrots and chickens. It has a good spectrum against worms, mites, fleas, lice, ticks and their larval forms in birds.

Palatable Moxidectin bird-wormer

With its easy in water dosing, Bird-Moxidectin is easy to use. For both you and your, parrots, finches, chickens and racing-pigeons.

Safety of Bird-moxidectin

Moxi-vet for birds contains moxidectin which has been found to be safe when treating and preventing bird-worm infestations.

How to Use Moxidectin for birds : Moxi-vet 1g/l can be dosed directly into the beak at 0.5 ml for a 400 gram bird or added to the drinking water a 10 ml litre drinking water for 24 hours.

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