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Parrot School

Parrot School

Melbourne Bird-Parrot School – The Secrets of Parrot Training

Introduction to Parrot-School

With years of bird training experience, Melbourne Bird Parrot School is the best way to help you and your feathered companion live together harmoniously. Both Mel Vincent and John Newell have a lifetime of parrot-school involvement.

At Melbourne Bird Parrot School, we turn your parrot's happiness into reality. At Melbourne Parrot-school, we're passionate about helping parrot owners and their feathered companions build strong, fulfilling relationships through the power of parrot training, reinforcement and education.

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At Melbourne Parrot School, we are dedicated to creating a harmonious and joyful bond between you and your parrot. Our team of experienced parrot trainers running the Parrot school are bird owners and parrot enthusiasts themselves. The parrot school team have a deep understanding of parrot behaviour and psychology. The Parrot School has been helping parrots and their owners for over a decade, and we're committed to providing quality value parrot- training and support.

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Melbourne Bird-Parrot-School Courses:

Discover the options we offer at Melbourne Parrot School:

Basic Parrot school – Parrot socialisation for the new bird or new owner to birds. Usually done, one-on-one, with our bird behaviourists The formative bird socialisation class will go far in Laying a strong foundation for your parrot's-life.

Group Parrot School classes: Parrot school classes tackle common behavioural issues with, as well as an introduction to parrrot -beahviour therapy

eg: the Parrot school truisms :

  • Behavior is what a parrot does, under certain conditions; behaviour is not what a parrot is.
  • Every behaviour serves a purpose for your parrot; the purpose is the consequence the behaviour produces
  • Parrot school teaches that birds naturally choose the behaviour that yields the most positive consequences.
  • etc
Freeflight Training

Parrot School Free Flight training: Teaching your bird to return when called and leading to free flying.

Why Melbourne Bird Parrot School?

Proven Success: We at Melbourne Bird Parrot School have transformed countless parrot-owner relationships, helping parrots become well-behaved and happy pets for most of their Parrot-life. Melbourne Bird Vet supports the parrot school.

Melbourne Bird Parrot School training offers numerous benefits, including:

Improved Behaviour:

Enhanced Bonding: Parrot-school helps Strengthen the bond between you and your feathered friend.

Mental Stimulation: Keep your parrot's mind active, preventing boredom and stress.

Melbourne Bird School


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