Bird Boarding Melbourne

Bird Boarding

Bird Boarding Melbourne

Pet Birds require Bird-boarding Bird-Vet Health checks for two reasons

  1. To ensure that the owner can go on holiday with confidence that their Pet-bird is healthy to board. Having Your Avain vet available for your pet-bird whilst you are away in an emergency gives added reassurance.
  2. The Bird-Boarding check also ensures that all the boarding birds at the bird-boarding free from infectious disease

Bird boarding requires that pet birds staying at the Bird-boarding facility undergo a health check with an avian vet like Bird Vet Melbourne. This is recommended to ensure that your Bird-vet is familiar with you the owner and the overall health of your bird prior to admission to bird-boarding. It helps ensure your Avian-vet is aware of potential problems that may arise during the boarding period at bird-boarding.

The Melbourne Bird Boarding facilities also require that the birds are clinically free from disease. The avian vet will examine your bird and do their standard 17-point health check. If the pet bird appears healthy – it is documented on the boarding pass.

Chlamydia Testing for Birds

For Bird-Boarding, a Psittacosis test or chlamydia test is usually needed to ensure your bird is free of this zoonotic disease. Psittacosis or chlamydiosis is contagious both to birds and humans. Some birds may carry bird-Psittacosis and have no visible symptoms. The Bird chlamydia PCR test we do for bird-birding Melbourne is a Pr-chlamydia test taken from the conjunctiva, choana, pharynx and blood.


Beak and feather disease testing

For Bird-Boarding, a PBFD or Beak-and-feather test is required in certain breeds to ensure PBFD is not present. The PBFD OR Bird-beak and feather PCR test we do for bird-birding Melbourne is a sample taken from the blood feathers and or blood.

Polyoma Virus testing

This viral disease is not common enough to require routine testing before boarding at Bird-boarding -Melbourne.

Bird Faecal testing.

Faecal testing for bird boarding in Melbourne is a good way to screen your pet for internal parasites that are infectious such as worms, fugal organisms and cocci. It can also be helpful if your pet has gastrointestinal signs and enables the avian vet to examine the faecal flora.

Bird Poop

The Bird -Boarding certificate.


Bird Boarding Facilities we work with accept the bird-boarding forms from Bird-Vet-Melbourne. The Melbourne Bird Vet will usually email the bird-boarding forms to the owner and they are valid for one year.

Melbourne-bird-boarding working with Melbourne Bird Vet is the best way to ensure hassle-free bird boarding when you are away on holiday.


  1. Guy Dunkley on June 18, 2024 at 10:54 am

    Hi, where are you and what is the charge for 13 days care of a 9 monrth old Cockatel. Thankyou

  2. Mel Vincent on June 20, 2024 at 7:48 am

    Hi the clinic only boards birds with medical conditons requiring treatment. We do refer to other boarding facilities. I recommend calling the clinic on (03) 9808 9011 for more information. We can give you some contacts in different price ranges.

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